Shen Pen goes online

by Shen Pen Editors

The Shen Pen is now going electronic. Our January issue will be the last one we print.

Although it was a hard choice to move to an electronic paper, a few important factors influenced the decision. First, The Shen Pen will save Shenendehowa a few thousand dollars with this transition, an important aspect considering the recent budget cut. Also, many papers across the country are going electronic, making it the newest trend in journalism. Finally, it will make the paper more accessible to parents, alumni, faculty, community members, or relatives who would like to know what is going on at Shenendehowa.

Many news organizations have been following the path of continuing their coverage online.  Not only is it cheaper, but it also allows for frequent updates to spread breaking news to the public.  Even with the transition from print to online, interest in journalism has increased.

According to, “Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism graduated 184 students last year, up 24% from a decade ago.  At Columbia College in Chicago, 127 students received journalism degrees in 2007, up 32 percent from five years earlier. The University of Missouri School of Journalism graduated 475 students last year, a 40 percent increase in a decade.”

Electronic publishing allows for better interaction between readers and reporters. Each story or posting will allow readers to comment on the topic, article or photo. Posting material to an electronic site will eventually allow us to incorporate video as part of our news gathering as well.

The Shen Pen is still going to be accessible to all students. There will be a link from the district website connecting to the paper. The step to an electronic paper will make Shenendehowa one of the first high school newspapers in New York to go completely digital.

As much of the country struggles with the recession, The Shen Pen experiences these impacts as well.  This move to the Internet is somewhat saddening, but is also a good new change of pace.

Having The Shen Pen online gives the staff the ability to speed up production of issues as well as update the newspaper with new stories that are more recent compared to the current stories in print issues.  The Shen Pen online will also help to save Shenendehowa money and to become more environmentally friendly.

To access our electronic student newspaper while it is in progress go to and check it out. We will also be located elsewhere on the web at a website for high school journalism sponsored by the American Society of Newspaper Editors.


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