World Culture/World Literature

by Cassandra Goldman

With second quarter coming to an end, it’s time for teachers to make their recommendations for next year. One of the big courses that people are buzzing about is the infamous World-Cult/World-Lit. This program is an integrated honors-level Social Studies and English course. It is made to educate students about the connection of global events to the art and literature of that time.

Major components of the World-Culture/ World-Literature program are the oral presentation that students must complete as well as the Arts and Ideas textbook. The oral presentation is a project where a student researches a topic in great detail and then presents the topic to the class connecting it to the events of a time period.  The presenter must plan a whole forty minute period lesson including a question and answer period.

When asked about her oral presentation, Nicole B. said, “It was a lot of work.” Students in the class could tell her work paid off in her well researched presentation about Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

The Arts and Ideas textbook is given in the beginning of the year to students for them to take notes about art styles and movements throughout history. A current Cult-Lit student, Adelina C., comments on the book, “Arts and Ideas is a great textbook because it shows how art has evolved over time.”

When considering this course, students should think about both the level of difficulty and the amount of time they will have to devote to working. The majority of the assignments given are long-term projects and reading. Time-management is an important skill that students will need to develop and use.

“It takes a lot of time, but you can still have a life,” says ninth grade Cult-Lit student Justine P..

Overall, the World-Culture/ World-Literature course is not only time consuming, but also an educational, and interesting course. Students should jump at the chance to learn about the cultures of our world.


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